How Can ALPR Cameras Increase Safety in Your Neighborhood? – AndroidGuys

How Can ALPR Cameras Increase Safety in Your Neighborhood? – AndroidGuys

ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) technology has been adapted to many functions since its early applications 30 years ago. Most of these functions improve traffic flow and safety, although the increasing use of the tools is being made in other areas of business and life.

Some privacy advocates have objected to the use of ALPR cameras as an unreasonable violation of privacy. Nearly all governments in the developed world have responded to these charges by crafting legislation to regulate the use of such cameras. It defines how operators can use the data generated from them and who can access it, how long they can retain it, and how they must encrypt it. Europe’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulates the use of many kinds of personal data, including that from license plate readers. The vehicle, not its owner’s personal data, is what the camera identifies.

This article will look at the many benefits of the technology. We’ll discuss traffic surveillance, speed control, toll collection, identification of crime-linked vehicles, and other related topics.

Mobile Traffic Surveillance

Police cars mixing with traffic have unique opportunities to observe driver behavior and other factors related to the smooth and safe flow of traffic.

When they’re equipped with an on-board ALPR camera that can read the license plates of vehicles near them and identify the vehicles they’re attached to, they can:

  • Identify speeders and other violators
  • Recognize stolen vehicles and those connected to other crimes
  • Identify cars known to have unpaid insurance

With the ability to quickly identify vehicle ownership, they can take appropriate action as soon as they spot trouble. ALPR represents a huge improvement over when they would have to call a plate number in to a central operator, who would look the number up and report back to the officer, often too late for them to take action. If it’s appropriate to apprehend the offender on the spot, they’ll know immediately if the driver is known to be dangerous, and they can call for backup.

If the officer should report the presence of a particular vehicle to other authorities, they have all the information immediately at hand to make the report.

Adaptive Recognition’s MicroCAM mobile ALPR camera is the ideal tool for this application.

A Threat to Neighborhood and Highway Safety – Speedsters and Red-Light Violators

Speeding and violating red lights are two of the most dangerous behaviors on the road.

In truth, speeding is defined as driving significantly faster than the general traffic flow, even if the general flow is fifteen km/h over the arbitrary speed limit. Cars moving faster or slower than traffic surprise other drivers, causing them to make sudden decisions. Under pressure to act quickly, they may make a decision that worsens the situation and starts an accident-causing chain of events.

Driving through red lights is maybe even more dangerous than speeding since a resulting accident usually occurs with two vehicles traveling across each others’ paths. And even if the two drivers managed to avoid each other, they may make sudden moves that lead to a “secondary” accident.

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